Startup Services



Pre-Funding Program:


Pre-Funding Program is a well structured, pre-defined and industry recognized program for startups who are not ready to raise funds at their current stage. The program has 10 defined tracks which startups need to rigorously go through with the help of FundHound’s team. The process ensures to identify the white spaces, formulate solutions and thus help startups get Funding Ready.

Fund Raising Process:


We help startups in their Fund Raising Journey. We identify the right investors, help in negotiating the startup valuation & investor term-sheet and get them funded. We ensure the startup is ready to face potential investors by conducting health checks on their Business Model, Investor Deck and Financial Models. We help the startups understand the investor mindset and make sure that the startup is “Pitch Ready”.

Valuation Enhancement Program:


We have the Valuation Enhancement Program for startups looking to raise Series A and above. In order to achieve the highest possible valuation for the next round, we have designed 8 work modules with each module focusing on various aspect of the business.

Document Preparation and Review:


FundHound plays a pivotal role in the preparation of key documents such as Investor Pitch Deck, Financial Model, Business Plan, and Information Memorandum. Furthermore, FundHound also reviews already prepared documents for the Startup.



We help in the preparation various reports for the startup; such as the Valuation report, Performance report, and Analytical report.

Mergers & Acquisitions:


We provide independent Financial and Strategic advice on M&A. We carry out Startup scouting, Valuation, Negotiation, Term-sheet, Due diligence and Transaction Structuring under our M&A services. We work on both “Buy” side and “Sell” side mandate.


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