09 Sep Minimum Lovable Product!

Off late with the startup ecosystem in the world shifting the gear and accelerating faster, we can see lot of budding entrepreneurs use the concept of MVP very often. What is a MVP after all?

By definition a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a “development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.”

MVP, as the definition suggests has the necessary or the most basic features for the product or service to work. It is shipped to the market with break neck speed because the faster the product or service is out the better the position of the entrepreneurs. But have we ever considered the aspect of “Customer delight”? Is there a “Wow Factor” in the product you offer your customers?

Agreed the product is supposed to be functional and it is usually made only for testing purposes, for learning the customer requirement and incorporating the same in the product to make it better. But unless you create an impression in the mind of the end user, why would the user remember your product and in-turn refer it to someone else.


“It’s better to build something that a small number of users love, than a large number of users like.” Sam Altman, Y Combinator.

Thus, instead of making a MVP, work on MLP i.e. “Minimum Lovable Product”. A MLP basically suggests that you build a product or service with the basic features but it also urges you to build it without compromising on the quality part. It encourages you to build a product your first users will fall in love with and would be more than pleased to use and refer it. Customer delight is the only way to make your product successful.

So, how will you make a product that the user will love and would want to come back to, time and again? Is it really that hard to make a product with the most basic features and still delight the customers?

We need to change the way we build products. Entrepreneurs try to solve all problems at once. Instead focus on one problem at a time and provide the best possible solution to that particular problem. Try providing one feature but that one feature should be the best a customer one can ever have or use. The quality of the product should be of paramount importance.


Go above and beyond what’s expected of you and you’ll reap the rewards”- Laurence McCahill.

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