Investor Services



Startup curation:


We discover, understand and curate right startups for the Investors under the guidelines of investors’ mandates. We conduct detailed health-checks on startup’s Business Model, Investor Deck and Financial Models. We groom startups and make sure that they are funding ready before we showcase them in front of the potential investors.

Deal Execution:


We help the Investors in executing the investment mandate. We not only help negotiating the valuation and term-sheet but also help in setting up the goals for the startups and designing fund tranches. We monitor startup’s performance and provide timely reports to the investors.

Valuation Enhancement Program:


We have designed our flagship ‘Valuation Enhancement Program’ for investors who are looking for exits from their current investment. We help existing investors to identify new set of investors and help startups in achieving targeted valuation for their next round. The Valuation Enhancement Program has 8 work modules with each module focusing on various aspects of the business.

Performance Reporting:


We help in the preparation of various reports for the Investors; such as the Valuation report, Performance report, and Analytical report.

Portfolio Management:


Startup investing is the riskiest form of investment. We help investors to manage their portfolio of startups and also to diversify their investments in the right mix of startups. We also help monitor the progress of the portfolio and suggest alterations in the strategy to the suit the investor risk appetite.


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